About Us

Integrity Research Associates, LLC is an information and solutions provider specializing in the investment research industry. Our primary clients are institutional investors that use Integrity’s services to find new research providers and monitor existing ones. Integrity’s analysts cover almost 4,000 research firms in the U.S., Europe and Asia—research providers that no other source can offer.

Integrity Research is the only firm which tracks the entire research industry, including non-traditional research, boutiques and research-related data, software and analytics. We cover primary research firms and other alternative research firms which offer the most unique investment insights.


Our clients are analysts, portfolio managers, research directors and broker liaisons within hedge funds and money management firms.  Asset managers turn to Integrity to increase alpha by finding innovative sources of research, implement more disciplined research procurement and to keep on top of the latest industry developments.

As recognized thought-leaders in the investment research field, the Integrity team has been widely quoted by, among others, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, Institutional Investor, CNBC, BusinessWeek, Time, Forbes, Fortune, Buyside Magazine, The Wall Street Letter, Investment Dealers Digest, Reuters, and Thomson Financial.

Integrity Research has no “hidden agenda” for recommending research providers. It is not compensated by commissions from research providers. Our revenues come from the investment managers that hire us to provide high quality, unbiased recommendations.

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