How Clients Use Us

Locating Hard-to-find Sources of Research

A portfolio manager at a long/short hedge fund who aggressively searches for new sources of investment research usesGroup Shot Integrity ResearchSelect® to find sources for specific investment themes. Integrity’s analysts work with the portfolio manager to recommend research providers and follow through to ensure that they deliver what the client needs.

Reviewing Research Portfolio

The head of a mid-sized asset manager retained Integrity Research to review the firm’s portfolio of research providers. Integrity interviewed portfolio managers and analysts to understand their research needs, reviewed current research providers and recommended new research providers to replace those which were no longer providing value.

Monitoring Research

An analyst at an investment manager with assets over $500 billion uses Integrity Research to ensure that the firm’s internal quantitative models have the highest quality inputs. The firm subscribes to Integrity ResearchSelect® to find best-of-breed quantitative research providers, and scan for new providers as they enter the market. On a quarterly basis, this analyst reviews the performance of the research providers the firm retains against the entire universe of quantitative research providers.

Maximizing Research Spend

The Director of Research of an asset manager with assets over $100 billion hired Integrity Research to implement a more rigorous research procurement process. Integrity reviewed all of the firm’s external research providers and recommended changes to reduce overlap among providers. The Director of Research uses Integrity ResearchSelect® to review all new research providers recommended by the firm’s analysts prior to signing off on purchase.

Monitoring and Due Diligence

A manager at an asset manager with assets over $20 billion retains Integrity Research to assess research firms’ potential conflicts of interest. Integrity monitors the third party research providers which his group uses. Integrity performs comprehensive, on-site due diligence on providers the firm considers adding.

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