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The Research Challenge:

“‘It’s been more challenging to get unique insights and build a mosaic of a company,’ says Duncan Richardson, a portfolio manager at Eaton Vance. ‘Now, you have to dig deeper.’” Barron’s, January 22, 2007

The number of Wall Street analysts has shrunk 40% since 2000; coverage is down 20%; experienced analysts have left for hedge funds…or gone independent. Let’s face it… finding good research has gotten harder.Traders

Meanwhile, ‘alternative’ research has flourished. There are literally hundreds of boutique research providers. And innovative new research approaches–like expert networks, forensic research, and data-mining–have all increased.

The challenge is finding it. Or more precisely…finding ‘Alpha’-generating research that fits with your investment approach. This is where Integrity Research excels.

Integrity: The Research Solution

Integrity Research is the only research firm focused on investment research itself. Our analysts–and our proprietary database of research providers–help investors find the “hidden gems.”

Integrity’s expertise expedites the search process, and provides more valuable results—sources of research which are distinctive, high quality and well-suited to each investor’s requirements. Integrity is unlike any other alternative research portal because:

  • Integrity has the broadest coverage of alternative research, over 2000 firms;
  • Integrity’s services are confidential and customized to meet the specific requirements of the investor;
  • Integrity’s recommendations are completely objective—unlike other portals Integrity is not compensated by the research firms being recommended

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